Celebrity Time Management Tip: How Danielle Graham Does It All

Danielle Peita Graham shares her time management tip that helps her do it all

International top model, author of cookbook On The Table At Home: Food I Love To Make, and mother of two kids, Danielle Peita Graham has a lot on her plate. Yet she seems to make it work and does everything with superwoman fervour. Not only does she model for haute couture magazines and premium lifestyle brands, promote her cookbook (that she found time to write!) and be a wonderful mother to her kids, Ben and Sophia, she’s also constantly flying around for work and family. So how does she manage to fit it all in her daily life? Here’s the celebrity time management tip you need to start doing if you haven’t yet.

celebrity time management tip


Danielle Graham’s Secret To Time Management

Most celebrity mothers lead a more hectic life than us (relatively) normal ones. They seem to be doing a lot more in the same time that we have. So, what’s their secret? For Danielle Graham, it’s scheduling. And making sure to follow everything on the schedule to the minute. Or, at least, she’ll try her best, she confides.

celebrity time management tip


We asked her how she manages to balance her family, her career and the all-important Me-Time, and Danielle says it’s all down to time management. She maps out her entire day and sticks to the schedule to keep everything running smoothly.

“It is really hard to balance everything as a working mother and to still make time for my family,” admits Danielle, “I try to arrange my time as best as I can, so it’s really important to have good time management.”

She told HerInspirasi.com, “So I have a daily schedule and a weekly schedule, with everything from the minute I wake up, to what time I go to bed.” She follows it as much as she can, saying “It’s good to have as a guideline, and good to have a routine.” She says that schedules help her fit everything that’s going on in her life, and also help her kids see what’s going on.

But What If Your Plans Gets Disrupted?

Of course, Danielle does acknowledge that sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances that may disrupt your plans. What does she do in situations like this?

“I try to fit it back in somewhere else,” says Danielle. “We all have our good and bad days, we might even have to miss some things and prioritise.” Proving that even Danielle Graham can’t do everything, and that she is human, after all.

You Can’t Do Everything, But You Can Be Anything

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celebrity time management tip


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