Be Inspired To Travel With A Purpose At ZafigoX 2018

Make your own travel dreams come true with tips and insight from trailblazing female travellers

Do you have a dream to travel, not just for a holiday, but with a bigger purpose? It could be to find yourself, or to just discover what’s out there that you haven’t seen yet, or to fulfill a goal or challenge. Some might want to eat, pray and love in Bali like Julia Roberts, or run the Great Ocean Road marathon, or even explore all the undocumented nooks and crannies in Paris. For many women, taking this trip of a lifetime seems like just a dream, held back by work and family responsibilities, fear and uncertainties, and even self-doubt. Well, ZafigoX 2018 looks to change that with a series of talks, workshops and panels to inspire women at its inaugural stand-alone event in Kuala Lumpur this month.

Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray, Love (2010)/Columbia Pictures.

ZafigoX Empowers Women Through Travel

To be held from 9 until 11 November 2018 at The Gardens Hotel, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur, this is the second time it’s being held, with the first happening last year at the Georgetown Festival in Penang. Founded by social activist and travel enthusiast Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir, the event aims to empower women through informed travel.

Whether we like it or not, these days it can still be quite unsafe and risky for female travellers, especially when travelling alone. However, by learning as much as possible about the place you’re travelling to, getting expert tips on best practices for certain locations and just being well-prepared both mentally and physically, the risks can be significantly reduced. In turn, taking that step towards discovery and exploration could just open up new worlds and possibilities and add new meaning to life.

“With ZafigoX we want to create a space where women travellers can share their stories to help guide and encourage other women to travel with a renewed sense of confidence and self-assurance. We want to empower women to take that first step to explore the world and the endless possibilities that come in its wake,” says Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir.

At ZafigoX 2018, you’ll be inspired, educated, assured and encouraged to take that leap into the unknown. But also armed with everything you need to stay as safe as possible, so you chase your dream or rediscover yourself in beautiful, breathtaking locales. Meet other women who have gone where their dreams take them, who will share their travel stories and discuss issues pertaining to travelling for women.

The Sisterhood Of The Travellers At ZafigoX

The installment this year will see many notable female travellers speak about and share their experiences with attendees in hopes of inspiring more travel among women. Meet with Japanese university student Marin Minamiya, who has climbed all of the world’s highest peaks and trekked the North and South Poles to complete The Explorer’s Grand Slam; Filipina Xyza Cruz Bacani, who went from being a domestic worker to an internationally-acclaimed photojournalist; and Claire McFarlane, a rape survivor who is now running marathons on beaches around the world to raise awareness on sexual violence, among others.

There will also be panel discussions and workshops that will help prepare women to travel safely and independently, breaking barriers that may be keeping them back before. Meanwhile, attendees will also get to discover interesting brands and products at the ZafigoX marketplace featuring women-run enterprises and local female artisans.

How To Buy Tickets To ZafigoX 2018

Tickets to the event are now available for sale at for RM399 for a 3-day pass. Tickets bought at the venue itself on the day of the event will cost RM249 per day. Please note that certain workshops may require additional participation fees not included in the base ticket prices.