6 Ways To Prevent Motion Sickness

Use these tips the next time you have a road trip coming!
Picture by: Pixabay

Picture by: Pixabay

Going on a long road trip and worried you’ll get motion sickness? Here are a few simple ways that could help you to minimise the effect:

1. Take control and drive

If this is an option, take it. Being a passenger increases the chances of you getting motion sickness whether in the form of dizziness or feeling sick to the stomach. However, if this isn’t an option, try to sit in the front instead of the back as this could greatly help in preventing you getting car sick.

2. Find a happy medium

Some say avoid going on long trips on a full stomach but the same can be said for those who do it on an empty stomach. The key is to eat just enough a few hours before your trip so the food has enough time to settle in.

3. Ginger

Stock up on ginger candies, teas or anything ginger for that matter as it’s been proven to combat nausea.

4. Just keep chewing

For some people, chewing on either a gum or a mint may help stave off the nausea. An alternative would be to go for something sour like the famous “Mo Fa Kor“, a herbal candy mixed with liquorice made specifically to help prevent and cure dizziness.

5. Sleep it off

Feeling tired and not getting enough sleep may also exacerbate feelings of nausea, which is why some resort to sleeping! A helpful tip would be to try your best to fall asleep right at the start of the drive before the feeling of nausea kicks in.

6. Over-the-counter pills

And if all of the above fails, there are also some over-the-counter pills that aids in motion sickness. Just be cautious on what you’re taking and consult the pharmacists before consuming any.