5 Things You Should Immediately Do When You Lose Your Wallet

Don't panic, and take these steps.

Your wallet is home to some real important documents. From your identification card, and drivers licence, to ATM and credit cards, the wallet contains them all, providing convenience and security. So imagine losing your wallet, be it stolen or misplaced and never to be found? It can quite rightfully make us lose our mind. In the wrong hands, the information contained in the wallet could be damaging to your personal and financial securities.


Malaysia International Search and Rescue (MISAR) chairman and safety activist K. Balasupramaniam shares some tips on the five things to do immediately when you lose your wallet.

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Call your residence’s security

“Some of us keep our access cards to our condo, apartment or house in our wallets.While it is convenient, it is also dangerous if the card falls into the wrong hands, especially of it is to the residence stated on your IC,” says Bala. So, it’s important to inform the security service at your residence that the card is missing. This is so that they could keep an eye out for any suspicious individuals trying to gain access to the building or your home.

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