5 Reasons Why You Should Watch TARAKUCHA by Sean Ghazi

Reason #1: Sean Ghazi. Ok make that 6 reasons

Malaysian performer extraordinaire Sean Ghazi is back on stage this December with TARAKUCHA! his “terrer menerrer” big band with a retro Malay twist. Performing at The Platform at KEN Taman Tun Dr Ismail from 6 until 8 December, TARAKUCHA features Sean himself as lead singer, with singing partner Ida Mariana, backing vocalists The Kuchettes comprising Maya Tan, Izlyn Ramli and Ruzana Ibrahim, and a 12-piece big band led by musical director Nish Tham.

sean ghazi tarakucha

TARAKUCHA! Marilah Menari is headlined by Sean Ghazi and Ida Mariana.

The latest show, “Marilah Menari” (Let’s Dance) promises a new repertoire befitting the festive season, if you had “P. Ramlee meets Vegas” in mind for the season. With shows on 6, 7 and 8 December 2018, Sean and Ida share with us why you shouldn’t miss “Marilah Menari” during their last run for 2018.

sean ghazi tarakucha

The Kuchettes

Of Mari Menari and Terrer-Menerrer

Her Inspirasi: What’s “terrer menerrer”?

Sean & Ida: It’s something we use in our vernacular to mean “amazing”, jokingly but also aspiring to it, but in a Malaysian way. We’ve been using “terrer menerrer” as our tag line from the first time we performed and it stuck. It sort of lines up with our performance, which is like a “rojak” of English, Malay, Spanish, Portuguese and songs from other cultures. It’s just something people will have to see to see what we mean.

HI: What inspired you to create Tarakucha?

Sean Ghazi: It started with my album that came out in 2006, and to me it was a progression from the album. I wanted to put it on stage. Now, we still perform music from this album, so it has a lot of legs. And then, I performed with  (American “little orchestra” band) Pink Martini, which performs a mix of songs in different languages that crosses the genres of jazz, classical music, pop and others, and thought we could do it in Malaysia – to take these old Malay songs and raise it to an international standard. I was looking for a name that said it all without it being too much of a parody or too derivative.

So “Tarakucha” (the background riff in P Ramlee’s popular song “Bila Larut Malam”) is something from the time but not too strict, attractive to the international audiences and has exotic appeal. It has an essence of the P Ramlee times without it being completely borrowed .

sean ghazi tarakucha

TARAKUCHA was wildly enjoyed and applauded during their run at Pesta Raya 2018 at The Esplanade in Singapore.

HI: Give us 5 reasons why we should watch Tarakucha and Mari Menari.

Sean & Ida:-

  1. The people who come to our show leave feeling very patriotic.
  2. It’s a great show that invites you to celebrate, and we have a lot to celebrate this year.
  3. It’s simply so much fun – people will get up and dance at the end of the show. We present the Malay songbook, which is romantic but fun. We’re very serious about presenting good Malay music but we don’t take ourselves seriously.
  4. To remind ourselves of a much more innocent time. In Singapore they started getting up to dance before we even called them to come up and dance. They would say something like “We danced to this on our engagement.”
  5. It’s for everyone regardless of age or race.

Presented in English, with songs in English, Bahasa Malaysia and other languages, TARAKUCHA! Marilah Menari is on from 6 to 8 December, nightly at 8.30pm, at The Platform, KEN Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur. Get your tickets before they are sold out at www.proticket.com.my, priced at RM125, RM175, RM225 and RM300.

Find out more about TARAKUCHA at www.tarakucha.com or on their Facebook or Instagram pages.