5 Harmless Habits That Wreck Your Electricity Bills

Not at home much but power bills still rocket high? See what you're doing wrong

Ever get confused and frustrated when your Tenaga Nasional bills spike despite you not being at home most of the time? Then, maybe it’s time to see what you have been doing wrong. Some of your daily habits might seem harmless but they may be contributing to energy wastage and sky high bills.

Find out where you’re wasting electricity (and money!) in not-so-obvious places. Photo by Eneida Nieves from Pexels.

See if you’re guilty of any of the “involuntary spending” crimes here.

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1. Not turning off your internet modem when not in use

Do you really need the Internet while the household is asleep? Photo from Shutterstock.

We never bother to switch off the internet modem especially when all our devices are connected to it. From TVs to home security equipment, turning the Wi-Fi off just doesn’t really seem like an option. It’s hard to admit but they are literally the electricity and money-suckers of the house. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so just switch off the main switch of the modem when not in use and you might just be saving a few bucks a month. This might not sound like much right now but the few Ringgits can accumulated to quite a lot over a year.

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