Celebrating 35 Years Of Joven With Their Supportive Customers

Be touched by the heartwarming stories of how these families’ lives have changed from the moment they got their very first Joven appliance.
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A father’s love

Chris and his wife, Hui Yan, have been Joven’s customers for 20 years now. It started way back when his family weren’t well off and had only enough to scrape by in a village. Whenever it rained or one of them fell ill and was in need of a warm shower, his mum would have to boil a big pot of water.

“As time went by, my father changed jobs and entered into the car trading business – that’s when our family’s finances improved and he could buy a Joven water heater for us. It was considered slightly expensive and a luxury at that time,” he divulges. What mesmerised Chris the most was the fact that he could have a hot shower instantly, just by pressing a button! “My father’s main reason for buying the water heater was to provide his children with the comfort of a warm shower,” Chris says, his voice quavering as he recalls his father’s love. He adds: “As a parent now, I feel that to understand your children and interact with them, you can start by taking the time to bathe them. Joven is like a father’s love for his children; it represents his selfless care and companionship.”


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