14 Secrets of Long-Lasting Relationships

It’s the little things that count. 


1. Always ask each other about how their days went

Never underestimate the question of “how is your day” because at the end of the day, especially after all the frustrations that you’ve had at work, it’s nice to know that someone actually cares and listens to you. You can vent out your problems and issues to your other half and not only he will not judge you for it, but he can offer advise on how you can solve them too.

2. Never hold grudges

A healthy relationship includes arguments and disagreements. It’s inevitable that both you and your partner are going to disagree on a certain issues, but that doesn’t has to be the deal breaker. It’s good to have minor conflicts between the both of you, so that you’ll get to know each other more in return, but don’t ever hold grudges. When the both of you are resolving the problems at hand, focus on the present and don’t bring out the past.

3. Compromise with each other

Relationship is all about compromise. Having to commit yourself to another person means that sometimes you just have to do things that you might not want to. Whether it’s attending a work event with him or spending Saturday night watching the English Premier League, if it makes him happy and you get to spend quality time with him, then it’s totally worth doing those things.

4. Be honest 

One of the worse thing you can do to jeopardise your relationship is lying to your partner. Even little white lies like where you’ve been spending your time after office hour can snowball into something major. Always be honest with your partner about everything because sometimes a lie can do more harm than the harsh truth. So if you don’t feel like attending his boss’s open house, tell him about it and work out something that the both of you can agree on.

5. Shower your partner with surprises

You don’t have to throw an extravaganza birthday or anniversary surprises for your husband, but small and simple gestures will do. If your husband loves blueberry cheesecake, you can always pick some up if you pass by any cake shops, or better yet, you can bake it for him when you’re free. Your husband will appreciates little things like this, especially knowing that you’re actually thinking of him.

6. Kiss hello and goodbye

What’s better than having a loved one to kiss you first thing in the morning and last thing before you sleep? Isn’t that the sweetest thing someone can do for you? Besides, kissing releases endorphins and relieves stress. We all know that endorphins is the hormone that makes you feel amazing. So by practising this, you’re guaranteed to have an incredible day, everyday.

7. Spend time with each other

If the both of you are working full-time, it’s best to clear off your schedule during one of the weekends just to spend time with each other. Take this time to know each other better by doing things together. Go on a long overdue date night or spend the night in binge-watching your favourite TV show. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll learn about each other by doing these.

8. “I love you”

It doesn’t hurt to utter those three words, so why not say it more often?

9. Treat his families like yours

It means a lot to your husband when you’re treating his family members like they’re part of yours. Call them from time to time to find out how they’re doing or you can also hang out with them when your husband is not around. There are plenty of places you can go these days. Just ask your in-laws to pick a place and spend the entire afternoon get to know each other better.

10. Take on chores when the other half is swamped with work

No, today is not your turn to do the dishes or the laundry, but do it to make your husband’s life easier. Even if he didn’t ask you to do them. Your husband will appreciates your help with the household chores and besides, you’ll have busy period at some point too. Then, he can help ease up your work by taking up some of your loads.

11. Keep each other informed

It’s not a matter of asking your husband for permission to go out, but it’s about being courteous with each other. You wouldn’t want your husband to be worried on your whereabout. So the next time you’re planning to grab dinner with your colleagues after work, keep him informed that you won’t be home for dinner. This way, he’ll know where you’ll be and he can make his own plans if he wants to.

12. Be spontaneous

After years of marriage, both of you are very likely to fall into some kind of routine. And routines are boring. The last thing you need in your relationship is boredom. Spice things up from time to time by acting spontaneous. Book a last minute 3 days 2 nights vacation to a nearby island or surprise him with morning sex. Keep things unexpected will makes being with the person you love even more fun.

13. Don’t fight when you travel

The time you spent travelling with your husband are precious. Don’t waste it by picking up fights at every little things. Trust me, they’re not worth it. Yes, sometimes it can be frustrating, especially both of you are tired after getting off a long-haul flight. But you can either choose to spend the holiday happily or stay grumpy throughout the entire trip. Set those problems aside and just enjoy your holiday. You’re supposed to be on a relaxing mood after all.

14. Love each other unconditionally

Taking notes and keeping track of who did what in your marriage is probably the biggest mistake. So, keep it simple and just love each other and accept your partner for who he is.