10 Life Lessons From Dato’ Tiffanee Marie Lim

Read what our November 2018 Inspiring Woman had to say.

We recently interviewed Dato’ Tiffanee Marie Lim, of Limkokwing University, in our November 2018 issue and she divulged numerous life lessons. To read the full story, make sure you pick up a copy of the magazine!

1. It’s important to appreciate arts, culture, and the history of the world.

“You need to see things to learn them. Whether it’s architects who have built the oldest buildings and structures, or grandparents who pass down stories to their grandchildren by carving them ornately into stone — these are all incredible things.”

2. Sometimes, art lives in the most unexpected places.

“We’re (Dato’ Tiffanee’s family) always around artists and collect art wherever we go — even going off the beaten track to dodgy places in search of craftsmen.”

3. If you want to succeed, don’t complain.

“You see patterns in people you admire — whether they are rich or successful in some sort of way. And the one characteristic I’ve noticed is that they never complain.”

4. Always seek improvement.

“Where does one get the confidence to teach something? But because educationĀ isĀ the family business, I knew I needed to quickly earn my own set of skills so I could go into it.”

5. Keep an open mind.

“It’s always about looking into the future. When you enroll today, you’ll only be graduating four to five years later. As an educator, you need to think five years ahead of the person you’re speaking to.”

6. Guide others with a firm hand.

“You have to use your best judgement to put in place what this person doesn’t even know he or she needs.”

7. Art isn’t just contained to what you hang on the walls.

“There are just so many areas one could branch out into: architecture, design, illustration, landscaping, film, music, sports, and more.”

8. Be brave enough to break the mould.

“No brand would allow us to break apart and comment on their processes. So we founded our own (fashion) label that could be broken, picked apart, and put back together.”

9. Find your forte.

“I think there’s a job and space for everybody, but it’s also about knowing what you’re good at. Not everybody is going to be a designer or spokesperson — finding particular skills is more important than the industry in which you use it in.”

10. Focus on self-growth.

“Never focus on haters because you can’t do anything about them! You could be the most beautiful person in the room and other people will still try to tear you down.”