Why You Should Use Eye Makeup Remover

Wipe away waterproof mascara and glitter eye shadow with eye makeup remover more suited for delicate skin

How many times have you read on the labels of beauty products that you should avoid the eye area upon application? This is because the skin around your eyes are the thinnest and most delicate on your face and need specialized, more gentle products. Thus, when you have ton of eye makeup on, taking it off with your regular facial cleanser is a no-no. Don’t even think about double cleansing the eye area. What you need, ladies, is an eye makeup remover.

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What Happens When You Don’t Remove Your Eye Makeup Regularly?

Even when you’re using the best waterproof or sweat-proof eye makeup, it will all break down eventually. This can cause tiny particles to enter your eyes and cause irritation, redness, even swelling and infections. Besides that, not removing your mascara can also cause breakage and leave you with thinner and shorter eyelashes.

Since you’re not removing your eye makeup, you’re probably not using any replenishing or nourishing eye products. If so, be prepared to say hello to premature aging. This can also happen if you’re not using the right product to remove makeup. You might need to tug or rub harder to remove eye makeup and this will cause a rift in your skin’s elasticity over time.

Why Eye Makeup Removers Are Better For The Eyes

Eye makeup removers have been formulated to dissolve makeup, making it easy to be wiped off. Meanwhile, facial cleansers usually remove impurities from your pores. Imagine that happening to your eyes! Thus, investing in a high-quality eye makeup remover is the best for your eyes.

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The best eye makeup remover to use are gentle ones, preferably those that have oil-free formulations. This will ensure optimum absorption of subsequent eye products like serums and creams. However, some oil-based eye makeup removers do help nourish the skin as well. For easier removal, let the makeup remover-soaked cotton pad or ball stay on your eye for several seconds to let the liquid seep in before gently swiping your eye clean. Also, be sure to use only clean cleansing pads, and only once on each side.

If you’re thinking of which eye makeup remover is best for you, here are some award-winning eye makeup removers to consider.