Why You Need Silicone-free Shampoo

“What?! There’s silicone in my shampoo?” Uh-huh, looks like it’s time to put silicone on your naughty list!

Silicone is a common ingredient we can find in most of the hair care product as this ingredient is not only a heat protectant, it also gives the hair a silky shine while treating frizzy and tangles. Little did we know, this “oh-so-awesome” ingredient can be our worst nightmare!

There are different types of silicone and some might make your hair suffer as it builds up on your hair. To check if your shampoo contains silicone. As silicone has bigger molecules, it will become a burden especially to people with fine and thin hair. It gives you lank and dull hair over time. This explains why you might have already noticed new hair care products that claimed to be silicone-free are taking over the beauty aisle. Here’s our take on which silicone-free hair care product you can bring home today!



Aveda’s Shampure™ Nurturing  Shampoo and Conditioner Available in Aveda salons and stores, RM 90 

Replacing silicone with a natural alternative—Abyssinian oil, Aveda’s Shampure Nurturing Shampoo and conditioner is not only lightweight, but they are also very nourishing and detangle your unruly hair. With 25 pure flowers and plant essences which include certified organic lavender and ylang-ylang, the products offer calming therapy effects.


The Body Shop

Photo Credit: The Body Shop

The Body Shop Strawberry Clearly Glossing Shampoo Available in The Body Shop outlets, RM 56 

Waking up to dull and flat hair is probably the last thing you wish to encounter. The shampoo is enriched with Italian strawberries and also The Body Shop’s Community Trade very own aloe vera from Mexico, giving your flaky scalp a refreshing juicy treat and sweet-smelling locks all day!



Photo Credit: Sephora

Botanist Botanical Shampoo (Smooth A) Available in Sephora outlets, RM73

The name says it all! Botanist Botanical Shampoo has a high concentration of natural botanicals that keep the hair clean in the hot weather without drying the scalp. It is also family-friendly hair care even for people who have dandruff or scalp irritation problem because it is very gentle to your hair and scalp.



Photo Credit: Lux Luminique Malaysia

Lux Luminique Shampoo Available in Guardian and Watson outlets, Price unavailable 

Eating is no longer the only option to consume superfood. Power packed with numerous nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants, this series of hair care products give you healthier and shinier hair. If you are not a fan of fruity smelling hair, they also offer options with fresh and relaxing botanicals fragrances.



Photo Credit: Kiehl’s

Kiehl’s Damage Repairing & Rehydrating Shampoo, Available in Kiehl’s outlets, RM 81.20

If you have straw-like or brittle hair, this Kiehl’s shampoo is your life-saver. Infused with Moringa Tree Oil—a beauty must-have since Ancient Egypt, it strengthens and gives you stronger and lustrous hair. The formula is able to fortify and replenish your most damaged and dry hair depleted by chemical processing or heat styling.