Celebrate This Christmas with A Skin Boosting Treatment

Take a moment for holistic wellness with the Inten.Youth skin-boosting treatment from Vérthys.
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I had the privilege of trying Vérthys’ Inten.Youth skin-boosting treatment at their beauty salon in The Starling Mall. But first, I sat down for a skin consultation – over a cup of fragrant, floral tea – with my facial therapist, Carmen, to assess my skin’s condition (combination and acne prone). All their facial therapists are well-trained in the area of explaining the whole treatment process to you, so you can have a pleasant experience.

Vérthys beauty salon at The Starling Mall


Carmen walked me through a breathing exercise with some lavender oil to help calm the mind. Next, she lightly cleansed my face and exfoliated it with the Inten.Youth Exfoliating Gel, which didn’t leave my skin feeling too tight and dry. While I waited for the gel to work its magic and the steamer to warm up, Carmen gave me a relaxing meridian therapy scalp massage using the Far Infrared Baby Fish (a fishlike tool made of volcanic mud) to strengthen my hair roots and promote new hair growth. The steamer was put to use right before extraction, which definitely eased the next process.

By combining this tool with face reflexology – a deeply relaxing therapy – Verthys aims to help your skin from within. Every touch and distinctive technique decreases stress while improving the appearance of pigmentation and fine lines, giving you a healthy glow.

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