Try These Hot Weather Skincare Swaps

No stickiness and drama even when temperatures rise!
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It’s hot and humid all year round in Malaysia, leaving our skin sticky and sweaty all day long. Here’s how to pick skincare that withstands the heat.

If you’re using: Rich face cream

Try: Lightweight, oil-free moisturiser

The extra moisture in the air clings onto skin as long as you’re out, causing your face to be oilier than it originally was. This is caused by your heavy-duty, thick cream, which just collects on the surface of your skin, clogging your pores with oil that leads to acne. The best way to combat the heat while keeping skin hydrated is by using a lightweight, oil-free moisturiser with moisture-retaining hyaluronic acid.  Even dry skin stays constantly moisturised with the presence of this skincare ingredient.

If you’re using: Liquid foundation

Try: Powder-based formula

Liquid foundations offer one of the best coverage, but not exactly the lightest of textures. The same goes for BB and CC creams; these bases tend to slip and slide as soon as you start sweating and eventually lead to clogged pores.  Powder foundation or non-comedogenic liquid that’s labelled liquid-to-powder on the packaging saves your makeup from melting. Go for a spritz of makeup setting spray for extra staying power.

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