Taking Care Of Your Nail Troubles

How to stops nails from breaking and other nail solutions from an expert
stop nails from breaking

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Many of us still wonder how our fingernail troubles come about and most of the time we never know the answer. For example, white spots on your nails or even jagged lines. But fret not as we spoke to owner of Nail Parlour, who is also a nail expert , Lim May Shen, who explains and shares with us how to prevent or take care of these common fingernail woes.

Fingernail trouble: My nails keep splitting…

Splitting is usually caused by trauma or damage. Some types of nail damage create temporary splits. These splits eventually grow past the free edge. If the nail continues to split as it grows, this may be a sign of permanent damage. These nails are usually thin, fragile and prone to splitting and breaking. As they need extra support to grow, we would recommend using a treatment base coat which contains citrus and wheat complex. This type of base coat treatment hardens nails on the outside while making nails flexible on the inside. Increased flexibility will stop nails from breaking so they bend instead.

Fingernail trouble: There are white spots on my nails…

White spots are not harmful. They are indicators that the nail is dry especially when too much polish remover has been used. It could also mean that an injury has occurred to the nail. Whitish nail cells are trapped inside the nail plate. As the nail grows out, the white spots will eventually grow out towards the free edge.

Fingernail trouble: My fingernails have a yellow-ish tinge…

Some poor quality polishes, especially those with a lot of red pigment can turn nails yellow when used without a good quality base coat to protect nails. A good quality base coat is very important as they help protect staining for nail polishes.

Fingernail trouble: I have harsh or prominent lines on the fingernails…

Lines on fingernails indicate that the nail is dry and lacks moisture. The nails may have pronounced ridges, white spots or a powdery finish. We would recommend using a treatment base coat which contains jojoba and vitamin E to add much needed moisture to the nail and condition and heal nails.

It isn’t as complicated as we thought it would be right? We hope these advice and knowledge May Shen shared was useful and interesting. We’ve also put out some nail care product you can try to fix or to further prevent your fingernail worries.

*Featured image source: pexels.com

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