Steps on How To Reverse Ageing Skin

Take note of these factors that lead to ageing skin and ways to combat those lines.
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As we age, it’s our skin that will show the most visible signs of ageing if we don’t look after it. We’re talking fine lines when we smile, creases appearing on our forehead when we’re concentrating hard, and dark circles around the eyes. Before getting to the solution to these concerns, let’s take a look at what causes skin to age prematurely.


The reasons why

Be aware of these and you may be able slow down your skin’s ageing process. First and foremost are the UV rays that damage your skin’s elastin – a protein that allows skin tissues to bounce back into shape after stretching or contracting (the way a rubber band does). Besides that, facial expressions – such as smiling when you’re happy, and frowning when you’re frustrated or angry – can also lead to the formation of frown lines (especially when your skin’s elasticity is compromised.

Gravity is also of no help in the battle to hold on to elasticity. It’ll cause your eyebrows, eyelids and cheeks to droop, and your jaw to loosen into a ‘double chin’. Your sleep position and the way you place your head on the pillow could also lead to the formation of creases, usually on the side of the forehead, from above your eyebrows to the hairline near your temples, and the middle of your cheeks. Smoking is also a well-known culprit that accelerates skin ageing.

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