Here’s How You Can Stay Radiant At Any Age

Meet the two new luxury skincare series that are designed to give your skin the healthy glow you’ve always envisioned
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For centuries, Japanese women have been revered for their delicate, smooth and radiant skin. Now, you can unlock the Japanese secret to youthfulness for yourself. Avon brings you Mission, a luxury range that is made in Japan and established since 1986.

Get to know the two collections – Mission Y and Mission Eclat – that will help you discover gorgeous skin so you can show off an immaculate complexion like the Japanese.


Mission Y is a four-step ritual that is designed to help restore your youthful glow. Comprising a Gentle Cleansing Foam, Lotion, Milk, and Nourishing Day & Night Cream, they contain an active complex formulated using three types of fermented yeast extract: Y Yeast, Lactobacillus and Cytocatalyzer.


Y is for Yeast,
Y is for Youth
An innovation exclusive to Mission, Y Yeast has the extraordinary ability to self-repair when exposed to UV rays and free radicals – a quality that is especially beneficial for our skin. It works by stimulating cellular metabolism to reinforce the skin’s barrier and improve its elasticity. The skin’s texture feels more refined and smooth, and looks translucent with a natural, healthy glow.

The star of the collection is the Lotion, which has been a constant bestseller since its release. The hydrating formula is instantly absorbed and penetrates deep into the skin’s layers to deliver and seal in essential moisture, significantly boosting elasticity and enhancing brightness.

1 Bottle of Mission Y Lotion is Sold Every 2 Minutes!  Source: Avon Japan



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