Quick And Easy Ways To Style And Care For Your Tresses

Find out how our writer saves her hair with minimal products!

Not all of us are blessed with gorgeous, manageable locks. And let's be honest, on some (or most!) days, we don't even have the time to sit and blow dry, let alone straighten or curl our hair! However, there are days where you need to look presentable. Find out how you can achieve an effortlessly sleek look without compromising time!

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Style your hair

GHD Glide, RM795 at Sephora (while stocks last)

Would you believe me if I told you it took me about five minutes to style my hair with the GHD Glide? To give you an idea, I have long, wavy, thick and quite coarse hair and because of this, I don’t wash my hair before I leave the house — it’ll look too poofy and frizzy! I was pretty excited about the launch of the hot brush, so when this bad boy arrived at the office, I had to give it a go.

It really doesn’t get any simpler than this. Just brush your hair like you normally would — but slowly — and that’s it! It’s quick. Due to the size of the brush head, it grips a larger section of your hair. I didn’t even section my hair and before I know it, voilà! It gives a smooth and a more relaxed version of straight hair (as if you had it done at a salon). I definitely recommend it to those who are always in a rush or a beginner in hair styling. However, you can’t use this tool with wet hair, so don’t forget to dry your hair beforehand. Do note that it’s a limited edition, so make sure to grab it while you can!

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