What You Need To Know About Facial Masks

Find out when to use them and which one to go for
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Quick, easy and effective — we love facial masks in all shapes and forms. Here’s how to get the most out of them.

What is the best time of the day to use a mask?

At night, no matter the skincare product. Your skin is working overtime while you sleep to repair any environmental damage, so applying a mask (an overnight mask is highly recommended) helps with this process.

Can I layer different masks?

Sure. The rule of thumb is to start with soft masks, followed by a clay or mud-based mask that allows proper penetration. If you have acne-prone skin plus dry patches, combine a healing mask with an oil-absorbing mud mask to hydrate plus firm, followed by a clay mask, which is great for ageing skin and enlarged pores. For dull and oily skin, go for a brightening mask first and then a clarifying mask.

Do I still need to moisturise after masking?

It depends on the type of mask. If you used a hydrating mask, then there is no need for moisturiser. Clay or peel-off masks tend to dry out your skin a little after treating it, so a post-mask moisture boost is necessary.

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