Mary Kay x Tengku Syahmi Starter Kit Bags

We speak to the designer about the inspiration and vision behind his designs.
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Interested in starting your very own Mary Kay business? Then you’ll need to get your hands on your very own Starter Kit. This comes with all the tools you’ll need during your beauty consultations with customers. But, fret not, gone are the days of stodgy-looking bags or luggages you have to lug around.

Mary Kay has teamed up with local designer Tengku Syhami, who has managed to combine style with functionality to create the Mary Kay Starter Kit Bag in three different styles: Everyday Shoulder Tote Bag, Cross-Body Strapped Bag, and Hand Clutch Bag (available in Malaysia and Singapore).

We speak to the mastermind behind these gorgeous designs.

  1. Can you elaborate on how this collaboration came about?

“It happened after I was approached by Mary Kay to design their new ‘Starter Kit Bag’ for their beauty consultants. I was ecstatic as Mary Kay is such an established brand, having been around for more than 50 years! I was also excited that this would be my first time designing bags and what better way than to start with Mary Kay?”

  1. What was your initial vision for the bags?

“It had to be practical yet stylish for beauty consultants and their day-to-day activities. Graphically, the bag had to be eye-catching yet feminine while embodying the Mary Kay brand.”

  1. Was there an inspiration or idea you worked around to bring the designs to life?

“I was inspired by the lines of the Mary Kay logo and subtly incorporated its initials into a design that is practical, multi-functional, and stylish all at once. Hence, the 3-in-1 concept was born for the Mary Kay Starter Kit. I knew that it had to be durable and practical as well.”

  1. How did you manage to combine and functionality to store so many items in the bag?

“It was important that the bag could accommodate all the beauty consultants’ essential products and needs. Research was crucial when it came to studying the sort of shape and size that would be practical and spacious enough. But it proved to be a fun and interesting challenge!

I ended up designing three types of Starter Kit Bags, with each design different in terms of its style and silhouette. It was amazing to see the prototypes of the designs as I got to actually put them to the test. This was to ensure the quality and practicality of all three designs.

When it came to the colours, I chose a black, pink, and white combination because not only is black and white a classic match, but also easier to pair with any outfit. The injection of pink not only signifies the signature colour of Mary Kay, but serves to add a subtle touch of femininity and softness to the design as well.

One important factor we took into consideration was that the bag needed to be versatile enough so that it could transition from a day to night look, while remaining stylish enough to appeal to a wide range of women in different age groups.”

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