Marvel At These Cool New Superhero Makeup!

Work up your makeup game with the Sephora Marvel Superhero makeup range.

We have seen so many cosmetics products inspired by movies, TV series and even trends. This includes influences like the Star Wars franchise, Game of Thrones and even mermaid- themed beauty products. This April, Sephora is making many Marvel fans scream in anticipation of their exclusive Marvel-inspired makeup products as well as skincare! Thus, get ready Marvel fans, to assemble in front of Sephora to get your hands on the Sephora Marvel Superhero makeup range.

While we still have to wait a few weeks more before we can watch the last of the Avengers series, Endgame, Sephora Collection’s Marvel Heroes collection will be available online and in stores on 11th April 2019.

Here’s a look at the stunning Marvel-themed beauty products you can soon find at Sephora:

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1. Marvel Heroes Makeup Brush Set, RM145

Sephora Marvel Superhero makeup

The handles of the brush sparkle as bright and colourful as the Bifrost Bridge that connects Asgard to the mortal realms. Each of the different sizes of brush has different heroes’ logos from Black Panther to Captain America. Even the packaging is attractive in a silver star-shaped box and a big Avengers emblem in the middle of the star. This exciting brush set comes with two different types face brush and three types of eye brush.

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