Introducing A New Halal Face Mask In Malaysia

Reneuf halal face masks helps make baby soft skin more attainable with quality ingredients suitable for Muslims.

When it comes to “halal beauty” – a term to describe beauty products that have been manufactured according to halal certification standards, and attaining said halal certification as well, there is still a lot left to be explored in the industry. Thus, Jacques Cosmetics Sdn Bhd has taken the initiative to introduce their halal face mask in Malaysia.

halal face mask in malaysia

Get baby soft skin by using sheet masks regularly. Photo by Kelvin Octa/

Riding on the R&D behind their partner company, La Estephe, which is based in Switzerland and has been producing beauty facial masks for 10 years, Reneuf has a complete range of facial masks to suit any skin needs. According to Chik Mun Leong, Marketing Director of Jacques Cosmetics, the masks are made based on the best of Swiss formulation while manufactured in Malaysia, where JAKIM oversees the manufacturing and awards the halal certification.

Made In Malaysia

“As a proud Malaysian brand, we are focused in our efforts to provide Malaysians with products that are clean, safe, cruelty-free and do not contain ingredients derived from animal by-products,” says Chik. “The facial masks are formulated in Switzerland, made in Malaysia, and Halal-certified.” The masks are perfect for the discerning Muslim consumers and beauty buffs looking for products that are safe and manufactured according to high standards.

However, there must be certain ingredients not in the formulation to adhere to the halal standard, though. Is there any less efficacy of the facial mask if it needs to comply with the Halal standards? To this, Chik answers, “We are still using high quality ingredients, including the 3 main ingredients found in all masks. These are squalene, colloidal gold and yam bean, all of which help to contribute to baby soft and smooth skin.”

There are seven  different variants in the Reneuf range, each addressing a different facial need:-

– Extreme Hydrating & Moisturising Mask

– Brightening & Moisturising Mask

– Nourishing & Moisturising Mask

– Whitening & Moisturising Mask

– Lifting & Firming Moisturising Mask

– Refreshing & Purifying Moisturising Mask

– Antioxidant & Protection Moisturising Mask.

What Age Is The Best Time To Start Wearing Masks?

Chik says that normally one should start wearing masks once they start tertiary education or start working life. Basically, the function of the facial masks is to rejuvenate stressed skin, and it’s this age when stress starts to show on the face. On teenagers or younger, the masks won’t really have an effect. After all, the youthful skin of that age is what users are aiming for.

The masks even come in a 7-mask package, which you use in a 7-day program, although you can also buy each individually or in one-variant packs. Find the Reneuf halal face masks at Alpro Plus Pharmacy, Isetan, Robinsons, Sasa, Sogo and select pharmacies nationwide. Standard retail price is RM9.90 per mask. For more information, visit Reneuf’s official website at