What’s So Important About Double-Cleansing?

Figure out why double-cleansing is important and which method is best for your skin!
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Should you double-cleanse if you don’t have any makeup on? Anyway, what is double-cleansing and is it good for the skin? Should you do it in the morning, night or both?

We’ll answer these questions and you can decide what is best for your skin!

1. What is double-cleansing?

This method was first introduced in Japan and South Korea before it was popularized around the world. It consists of using two different types of cleansers during your cleansing step. So, the first step is to use either a cleansing balm, cleansing cloth, or oil-based cleanser. Some even opt to use just oil, such as olive or coconut oil. After you’ve washed it off, use a regular gel, lotion, cream or powder cleanser that’s suitable for your skin type.

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