How to Colour Your Hair Perfectly At Home

It’s pretty simple, but one wrong move can ruin everything!

Getting bangs is one instant makeover trick, and the other is colouring your hair. If you’re thinking of saving some extra moolah and doing it at home instead of at the salon, here are our top hair colouring tips to ensure you get the perfect DIY results!

How to colour your hair at home tips:

1. Beware of the shades

To get optimal results when doing a DIY hair dye job, it’s best to pick a colour that is not more than two shades lighter or darker than your current hair tone. If you’re going for a dramatic colour change, it’s best to go to a professional.

2. Choose the perfect colour

It all depends on your skin tone — is it more on the warm or cool side? If you’re not sure, check out our full guide that includes the recommended colours! (If not, these apps can help too!)

3. Don’t trust the model on the box

Her pre-dye hair colour might not be the same as yours. The most accurate guide is the little chart on the top or side of the box for the range of different shades you might get after the dye job. Remember: it varies according to the hair colour and texture.

4. How your hair type makes a difference

Keep in mind that coarse hair takes more time to absorb colour while fine hair requires a shorter processing time. However, if you have damaged hair, it is recommended to visit a professional instead.

5. Two is better than one

Well, only if you have super thick or super long hair! It’s always good to have one box extra on hand in case you realize halfway that there isn’t enough product to cover your whole head.

6. Choose your formulas wisely

Besides convenience, there is one other major difference between liquid dye and the mousse type: the final look. Mousse colours tend to give off a light, shimmery effect as it’s more translucent, whereas liquid colours, being more condensed, may lead to a more pigmented end result.

7. Deep condition first

Do it one or two days before you colour your hair as the moisture will help to hold the pigment better.

8. Colour on dirty hair

Give your hair at least 24 hours after washing it before starting on your dye job. The natural oils from your hair will help protect your scalp from irritation and help the chemicals to penetrate. Oh, brushing before dyeing is also a no-no.

9. Vaseline is your best friend

Swipe a thin layer of the petroleum jelly around your hairline, on your ears and on the back of your neck to prevent the dye from staining your skin. While you’re at it, be sure to wear an old shirt that you won’t mind getting stained.

10. Do it by sections

Divide your hair into four or five sections and clip/pin them apart. Then, let down one portion to colour it and pin it back up again after so you can work on another section. If you have thick or long hair, try getting a friend to help you — it might be hard to reach some parts and doing this can ensure a more even dye job.

11. Follow the instructions on the box

If it says to leave on for 40 minutes, do it.

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