How To Choose Your Signature Scent For 2019

The quick and easy way to choose eau de you for the new year

For perfume lovers, a signature scent is everything. A whiff of it might announce your presence in a room. Or the scent associates you with something positive in people’s minds. More importantly, it makes you feel good and confident about yourself. Anything is possible when you have your signature scent on. But how do you find a signature scent if you currently don’t have one, or feel like switching to a new one? Here’s a simple guideline on how to choose your signature scent.

1. See If You Like It

Don’t just choose a perfume because it’s the hottest thing right now or really on trend. You have to make sure you like it. At a recent perfume workshop by an expert perfumer from Givaudan during the launch of Syahirah Vitalis Mystique Eau De Cologne, participants chose scents that gave them a positive feeling when mixing their own perfume. From the workshop, it was impressed that the best perfume for you is the one that you like wearing the most.

Vitalis Mystique EDC by Syahirah is inspired by the fun yet mysterious aura of Hawaii. It’s a holiday destination of parties and leisure, yet is enveloped in the mystique of its legends and folklores. Its main notes are raspberries, peonies and musk, so it gives off a very energetic scent. If this fits your personality as well as your scent preference, then this could be the fragrance for you. Just think of how a fragrance smells and feels, and find your favourite among the ones you like.

2. How Does It Inspire You?

One of Syahirah’s spokesperson, Malaysian actress Jasper Supayah shared with us why she loves the Vitalis Mystique cologne from Syahirah so much. Said Jasper, “Wearing perfume is the easiest way to perk myself up. It makes me feel happy and confident.” The best perfume for you should definitely make you feel happy and positive.

Jasper Supayah at the launch of Syahirah Vitalis Mystique EDC at Work Glo Damansara recently. Photo from Jasper Supayah’s Instagram page.

When testing or sniffing your perfume, take note of how it makes you feel. Then, align this with your 2019 plans or resolutions. Are you revving up for a busy year with many projects? Then you might want to find something that helps boost productivity and creativity. Just want to be more optimistic and not let negativity bring you down? Look for scents that give off sunny and fresh vibes.

Says Ayurvedic instructor Puneet Nanda of GuruNanda, “Aromatherapy can help improve focus and memory, boost energy and reduce stress – all of which enhances productivity and creativity.” For example, Nanda recommends the lemon scent for increased productivity. “According to research at Ohio State University, smelling lemon raises levels of norepinephrine, a brain chemical linked to easier decision-making and upped motivation.”

If you’re not sure which perfumes might be best for what you’re going for, refer to the descriptions provided by the perfume company and decide for yourself if you agree with it. For example, we learnt that Syahirah’s line of Vitalis Eau de Cologne comes in 8 variants, each inspiring in different ways. Vitalis Dazzling carries notes of melon, rose, lily, amberwood and cedarwood and inspires happiness, while Vitalis Magnifique with its notes of mandarin, tangerine, lily and vanila inspires calm and serenity.

3. Stick With Your Scent

To make a scent your signature scent, be sure to spritz it on every time you leave the house. This way your scent will always be associated with you. To make your scent last longer, look for fragrances or perfume that come with other products in the same scent. Using body wash and lotion in the same scent will enhance your signature scent and make it last longer on you.

The limited edition Syahirah Vitalis Mystice EDC is now available at major pharmacies, hypermarkets and select supermarkets, retailing at RM19.90.