Her World Tries: The Nail Parlour’s Cranberry & Cloudberry Manicure & Pedicure

Take some time out for yourself with this luxurious little treatment that will have you ready for festivities!

This Christmas, The Nail Parlour is ready to indulge you with their Cranberry & Cloudberry Manicure & Pedicure – the perfect treat to get your feet and digits ready for the holiday season. Plus, you’ll be able to pencil in some much-needed ‘me-time’ away from all the festive hustle and bustle as this little spa treatment will take about two hours (inclusive of time allowed to let your nail polish dry down).

Now, if you’re new to The Nail Parlour franchise, you’ll be glad to know that they take hygiene very seriously. Not only are their stations constantly disinfected – you’ll even find placards stating ‘This station has been sanitised for your protection’ on the seats – but before starting off any treatment, the therapists will always spritz disinfectant onto your hands and feet, as well as onto their hands.

I soaked my feet into a bath scented with Cranberry and Cloudberry bath gel to set me in the mood – the Midvalley outlet has its pedicure station sectioned away from the glaring eye of the public so your privacy is rest assured. Once my hands and feet were cleaned – it was straight down to business with getting my nails trimmed and filed (along with cleaning up my cuticles). My therapist also used a foot pumice stone to thoroughly buff away any calluses and dead skin cells.

Next up – my favourite part: both my hands and feet were slathered in an exfoliating scrub featuring cranberry and cloudberry extracts, vitamin C and shea butter to help with the removal of dry skin cells while still leaving it nourished. To up the ante, real honey was drizzled on top of the scrub before a luxurious massage commenced – rubbing the concoction into my skin, easing away any tension. By the time I was wiped down with warm scented towels – my skin felt as moist and supple as a baby’s bottom!


But we weren’t done just yet as my therapists smoothed a thick layer of lotion containing cranberry and cloudberry extracts onto my hands and feet – quickly followed by cling wrap to lock in all the goodness. Heated mittens and booties were then fitted on – don’t fret, it feels nice and toasty – to really allow the mixture to penetrate the skin.

10 minutes later, with the contraptions removed, I was treated once more to another round of massage featuring the Cranberry & Cloudberry butter. When it came to the colour selection, I was spoiled for choice as The Nail Parlour carries an approximate total of 200 nail polish shades. I decided on a glittery one for my digits as they tend to last longer, while I went for a pop of yellow on my toes. And voila, I’m ready to tackle the holiday season (and so will you!).