8 Other Ways To Use Serum

As shared by the founder of a beauty brand who often travels

Eugene He has great skin. No surprise there as he is the founder of Ceramiracle, a beauty brand based in Santa Monica, California. He did, however, surprise us by sharing 8 other uses for serum.

Eugene once battled acne and scarring

How to get more out of your serum:

Do check that your serum does not contain fragrances or harmful chemicals before trying these out.

  • Over eyebrows to groom them (PS: Eugene says Ceramiracle’s First Light The Serum will even stimulate the growth of eyebrow hair!)
  • To give yourself a massage, focusing on the neck and decollete (do remember to use upward strokes)
  • Under the eyes to relieve dry patches and puffiness
  • Rub some over your lips when applying the serum to your face
  • On elbows to heal and moisturise them
  • Rub into split ends as a stand-in for hair oil
  • All over your body as a moisturiser (on eczema too, to relieve itching — but do a patch test first)
  • To diminish the appearance of scars

As Eugene often travels for work and packs light, he’s had to trim down his skincare to only the essentials. Hence, the need for products to do more than one thing. These 8 uses have all been tried and tested by Eugene.

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First Light The Serum is over 95% active ingredients and 99% natural ingredients. This plant-based source of squalene (water is not an ingredient) and a proprietary blend of ceramide mimics the powerful hydration and protective properties of the vernix caseova. That’s the protective layer surrounding newborn babies.

Warm up a few drops by rubbing your palms together. Then, massage it onto your face and neck.


92% of First Light The Essence is Ceramiracle’s BFE Complex (BioFerment Essence) — a saccharomyces fermented trinity of organic Korean rice water, mugwort and ginseng.

Rich in vitamins and minerals, this BFE complex improves the complexion by firming, hydrating and rectifying blemishes.