Get Her Look: 76th Golden Globes Edition

All the beauty looks we love from the 76th Golden Globes

We can’t help but fall in love with these celebrities’ faces! Here’s how you can recreate their makeup looks…

Camilla Belle via Getty Images
If you're feeling bold, why not wear green? Apply eyeshadow on your lids and crease. Use a different shade of green on your lower lash line, and eyeliner in a similar shade on your waterline. Don't forget to layer on lots and lots of mascara and complete your look with a light pink shade lipstick. Blusher is also important to avoid looking sallow.

Danai Gurira via Getty Images
Create this classy gold smokey-eye look by applying a gold shadow on the centre of your eyes. Darken the outer corners with black or dark brown shadow, and highlight your inner corners with a highlighter. Then, line the inner rims with black eyeliner. Wear lots of mascara if you're opting out of false lashes. Finally, don a red lipstick as a finishing touch.

Emily Blunt via Getty Images
This look is perfect for those with a lighter skin tone. Dab silver eyeshadow on your eyelids and darken your outer corners with a dark gray shade. Top it off with mascara on your top and lower lashes. Complete your look with a peachy-pink lipstick and blush.

Lady Gaga via Getty Images
To get this purple smokey eye, start by using a medium-brown shade on your crease and darken your corners with a deep shade of brown or black. Then, top it off with a glittery, purple, cream eyeshadow on the centre of your lids. Top it off with a silvery shadow in your inner corners, followed by false lashes. Pick a nude shade for your lips and cheeks to balance out the statement eyes.

Lupita Nyong'o via Getty Images
Get this look by lining your upper lash line with black eyeliner and your bottom lash line with a cobalt blue eyeliner. You can either wear black mascara or go all out with one that's blue! Great for when you're starting out with colourful makeup. As for the lips, go with a muted red.