Get Bedazzled this Christmas with These Treasures

Take a look at these treats that you can get for your loved ones and yourself!
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Whether you’re going for an elegant or playful look, sparkle up your holiday seasons with these exquisite and glamorous adornments by GOLDHEART, Le Lumiere and MY DIAMOND’s 2018 Christmas Collection!

GOLDHEART’s Christmas Collection 2018

'Blissful Mist' came from the glistening dew droplet of blissful mornings, specially crafted with Le Lumiere diamonds and 18k white gold.

Inspired by the romantic setting of the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris, 'Love Lock' is the perfect, innocent way to confess your love this Christmas.

GOLDHEART’s newest Christmas collection 'Prelude de Noel' was inspired by the enchanting melodies of Christmas, the curve and wavy lines express the fluidity and flow of a single symphony.

Christmas miracles do come true with 'Promesse', designed with 18k white gold and a delicate, brilliant diamond on top, and a line of melee diamonds on the shoulder of the ring.

GOLDHEART’s most exquisite collection, the 'Romantic Blue' platinum rings have sapphires that symbolize honesty, loyalty and purity in them.

If you made a purchase on a single receipt, GOLDHEART offers up to 20% + 10% discounts this season. Besides all that, you can leave with a limited edition “I Love You” rose teddy  with a purchase of RM2,000 and above.

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