Best Fragrances For The Office That Best Suits You

Pick work-appropriate fragrances that won't overwhelm your colleagues!

When it comes to wearing perfume at work, it’s wise to tread carefully. Some offices ban fragrance entirely, out of sensitivity to employees with allergies or aversions to scent. Even if perfume is allowed, it’s important to choose a scent that won’t have your co-workers pinching noses. And with so many fragrances to choose from, it’s never been such a daunting prospect to find the one that, somehow, sums you up in a single spritz.

best fragrance for the office

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Here are our favourites to match your career.

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Fresh And Clean

Clean scents (think light, airy and shower fresh), are likely more your style if you’re often desk bound and work indoors. To look for a fragrance that hits the right note, go with one that is zesty right from the first spritz and has a satisfying lift that stays with you throughout the day.

Bold Floral

There’s nothing more mood boosting than spritzing on a new floral scent. Lean towards bouquets like ylang ylang, primrose or lily of the valley. These blooms give out stronger scents compared to sweet-smelling flowers like jasmine or magnolia. Aim for a scent that will lightly veil – not shroud – you in a sweet scent that communicates elegance.

best fragrance for the office

TRY (From left):

  1. Elizabeth Arden My Fifth Avenue EDP, RM378
  2. Tiffany & Co. Sheer EDT, RM350
  3. Alyla Capri EDP, RM99
  4. Avon Luminata EDP, RM103.80

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