How To Exfoliate Your Lips Properly

Find out how to exfoliate your lips properly using yummy food ingredients

Knowing how to exfoliate your lips properly is essential for maintaining good lip condition for a healthy look and smoother makeup application.

how to exfoliate your lips properly

Do you feel like your lips are always dry, cracking and even peeling off sometimes? Then you need to know how to exfoliate your lips properly. It’s important not just for maintaining good condition of your lips, but also to ensure a smooth base when applying lip products. This will make your makeup look more polished, and you’ll even look good without makeup!

Fix your lip care with these natural ingredients to make your own lip scrub. You can use your favourite ingredients  according to your liking, and make it as thick or as wet or as dry according to your preference.

1. Sugar + Honey

how to exfoliate your lips properlyThis combination is known and loved by many as it is not only sweet but does the work. Instead of using your normal white sugar you have in your kitchen, substitute it with organic sugar as it is slightly bigger and fluffs off your dead skin faster.

2. Sugar + Olive Oil

how to exfoliate your lips properlyIf you want a scrub that is less sticky, opt for olive oil instead. Just mix the sugar and oil to a texture of your preference. It works and treats your lips the same as the honey and sugar scrub. You can also use jojoba oil if you like.

3. Brown Sugar + Vitamin E

how to exfoliate your lips properly

Want to whip up a gentler and softer scrub for your lips? Try using brown sugar instead of white sugar and replace your usual oil with vitamin E oil. With these, the texture and taste of the sugar differs, while vitamin E is known to protect your skin and body from any free radicals and helps fight your skin from ageing.

But if you want a quick and easy treatment for your lips, take your pick from these lip products down below and achieve soft plumpy lips!