These non-traditional pieces will make your feasting and house-hopping a lot more comfortable!


So the Raya season has started and you’ve gotten tons of invitations throughout the month. Those delicious spread (yes to roomy tops and dresses!) and catching up with family and friends all day long means you need something easy and comfortable, especially in our hot and humid climate. If you feel like taking a break from the fancy-schmancy traditional wear, try these tips that will keep you looking chic yet appropriate and comfortable when visiting friends and family!

Loose-fit Dress

Not only dresses are so easy to wear but these loose-fit cuts offer maximum comfort, modesty and sophistication. We especially love the kimono wrap style. Most importantly, you can eat as much as you can without worrying about visible bulges!

Kimono wrap dress, from Pomelo.

Oversized waist-tie shirt dress, from Pomelo.

Mandarin collar tie-waist shirt dress, from Pomelo.

Statement Piece

Choose anything bold in texture or print to make an entrance. One that is flowy and lightweight guarantees comfort and easy movement, just like a midi skirt. Plus it is super-refreshing!

Embroidery mesh dress, RM499, from H&M.

Picture courtesy of H&M.

Metallic kaftan, RM399, from H&M.


Ruffle skirt, RM399, from H&M.

Bright and Bold

You can be comfortable in a loose silhouette but up the chic factor with punchy hues. Contrast it, play matchy-matchy or just throw over a neutral separate. Either way, you’ll still look cheery and upbeat!

Picture courtesy from MS. READ.




Tie-bow sleeve top, RM150, from MS. READ.

Overlap flowy pants, RM187, from MS. READ.

Contrast embroidery tunic, RM187, from MS. READ.

Chiffon palazzo pants, RM187, from MS. READ.