Find out how you can reduce acne scars from the little things you do to your skin

While most of us know what to do when it comes to conquering acne and preventing acne from worsening over time, not many of us actually know what to do with acne scars.

Here are some everyday things we do that could potentially worsen the acne scars on your face:

You Pick At Your Acne

Let’s get this one out of the way. A lot of people will tell you that picking at your acne can in fact cause acne scars but they don’t usually tell you why this happens.

When you’ve got a sprouting or growing pimple, your skin is already swollen and irritated. By picking at your pimple, squeezing it or constantly touching it, you could be damaging the other layers of your skin, causing scars to happen.


You Don’t Apply Sunscreen

If you’ve already got a discoloured scar from picking at your pimples, make it a point to apply sunscreen.

Here’s the science behind it: a discoloured scar is actually caused by the overproduction of melanin in your skin.

Melanin is a chemical that is responsible for giving your skin the colour it has. In order to keep melanin activity in check and prevent it from causing even more dark spots on your face, be sure to apply sunscreen. Reapplying it every two hours is also a great way to ensure you’ve got constant protection.


You Exfoliate Till Your Skin Is Raw

Whether it’s a chemical peel or your usual face scrub, exfoliating should only be done as a means of removing excessive dead skin cells and treat hyperpigmentation – not to help get rid of acne on the skin.

When you over exfoliate, you’re thinning your skin’s layer and reducing the amount of moisture found in your skin. In response to this lack of moisture, your skin will produce even more oil than usual – causing more acne to happen.

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