Details, details, details – that's how Chryseis turns heads when she's dressed in white and monochrome!

It’s been almost a week but everyone is still buzzing over the fairy tale wedding last weekend of Chryseis Tan and Faliq Nasimuddin, and netizens are (still!) stalking #chrysfaliqeverafter! To feed your (and our) obsession with Chrys’ sharp sense of style, we’ve put together some of the bride’s best looks – all dressed in white no less!



A true fashionista with a real love for monochromes, Berjaya Group heiress, Chrys never fails to look stunning no matter what she wears and wherever she is. We especially love how she creatively works accents of ruffles, drapes, buttons and buckles in to her most basic denims looks. Whether it’s just eating out with her girlfriends, travelling for work or attending social events, you can always expect a surprise element of detail in her outfit.

Here’s wardrobe inspo for your next vacay!

(Pictures from @chrystan_x)