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I personally am very picky with my facial treatments, so when I first got the invitation to try out the Celebrity Medifacial, I was sceptical. But I was due for a facial anyway, so I thought I should just give it a go and be open to trying out new treatments!

When I arrived, I was greeted with a friendly face and was served aromatic tea while waiting to start my session. Then, I was asked to fill out a form. I have dry-to-normal skin, with dehydration and dullness being my top concerns. I was also nervous about the facial as I have reactive skin (I’d get eczema on the lips and under the eyes due to allergies) and dermatitis at the side of my nose due to a bad reaction from an acne lotion. My facialist reassured me that my dermatitis would benefit from one of their treatments.

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Ceramiracle, the award-winning beauty and nutricosmetics brand founded in 2016, recently made an exciting entrance into Malaysia. The California-based company specialises in innovative ageless skincare solutions, comprising oral and topical skincare products as well as an exclusive facial treatment experience. Available at its flagship beauty salon in TTDI.

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