Achieve Plump Skin with the 7-Skin Method

Have you tried this method? Korean beauty gurus recommend it!

A Korean beauty trend, the 7-skin method has been the talk of town since last year and there’s a good reason why! So basically, this method is when you layer a toner or essence seven times consecutively onto your skin, using a patting motion.

Charlotte Cho

Charlotte Cho – GIPHY

How It Works:

After cleansing, pour some toner onto your cotton pad and wipe it across your face to remove any stubborn impurities. Next, pour a few drops of toner (or essence) onto your palms and gently pat your skin — repeat this six times! Proceed with your serum and moisturiser (including sun protection during the day) and you’re good to go.

“Seven times, isn’t that too much?”

Actually, you don’t have to layer your toner or essence seven times. I personally do it up to three or four times depending how dehydrated my skin is feeling.

Important Factors to Consider:

  • With all the layering you’re going to do, it is VITAL that you choose the right toner. Those containing harsh alcohol or fragrances is a big no-no as they’ll further dry, irritate and damage your skin. Luckily, most Korean toners in the market are alcohol-free and contain hydrating or brightening ingredients. To avoid feeling greasy, choose one that is lightweight and more runny.
  • Pat gently. See the moving picture above? You can also press it into your skin like so. Just don’t slap your skin, as that might cause redness and irritation.
  • Don’t neglect your eyes and neck! Apply your eye cream before you proceed with the 7-skin method since your toner or essence might not be eye-area-friendly. Often, people put a lot of effort into their skin but forget about their eyes and neck. These are the two areas that will first show signs of ageing.



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