How To Maintain Beautiful Curly Locks

Achieve natural bouncy curls and keep them protected, hydrated and styled perfectly with these hair heroes

Achieve natural bouncy curls with the following  products and tips

achieve natural bouncy curls

Photo source: Piaget High Jewellery

Having curly hair and looking after it is never easy. The same goes if you have straight or frizzy hair and want to achieve natural bouncy curls. However, fret not as these hair heroes will definitely help you maintain and achieve celeb looking curly locks. Then, you can head out looking like your favourite celebs with luscious curls such as Cate Blanchett, Milla Jovovich, Jourdan Dunn and many more.

achieve natural bouncy curls1. Hair Rituel by Sisley Revitalising Volumising Shampoo, RM300 (200ml)

If you have limp/flat hair, using the right cleansing product is a must. A volumising shampoo or conditioner that doesn’t contain sulphates, like this Hair Rituel by Sisley shampoo, effectively cleanses your hair while providing tone and volume.

achieve natural bouncy curls

2. Sachajuan Hair In The Sun, RM99 (125ml)

Crucial for all types of hair, heat protection is very important. Safety first! It’s vital not to skip this step before using hot tools, as heat will no doubt fry your hair to weaken over time. Simply use about a thumb size of the cream on your hair with a heat and UV protecting cream. Sachajuan Hair In The Sun doubles up as a styling cream to give fine hair added oomph.

achieve natural bouncy curls

3. Vernon Francois Re Vamp Moisture Spray, RM115 (150ml)

You also need to prime your hair. Instead of keeping it for the very end, blast your mane with hairspray before curling for better hold. This is especially helpful if your hair is naturally straight and curl-resistant. The multi-tasking Re Vamp Moisture Spray by Vernon Francois consists of plant actives and natural oils that help to hydrate your hair to prime it for heat-styling.

achieve natural bouncy curls

4. dUCK Cosmetics Mist Independent Hair Mist – Shine & Lustre, RM70.80 (100ml)

For a quick refresher, give your mane a spritz or two of scented hair mist formulated with fruity or floral notes to keep you feeling and smelling fresh. The best hair fragrances are lightweight and double up as shine-enhancers, as they’re formulated with essential oils to nourish and give your hair a healthy sheen.

achieve natural bouncy curls

5. ghd gold – Earth Gold Styler, RM890

A flat iron is the trick to lived-in waves. Grab hold of a section of hair (the smaller the section, the curlier your hair will be), clamp down three to four inches from the root and begin bending and twisting the iron down the lengths of your hair to achieve natural bouncy curls. Leave the bottom one to two inches straight to keep the look more natural.

achieve natural bouncy curls

6. Aveda Air Control Hair Spray, RM118 (300ml)

Set your curls. For grit and hold to ensure your waves last for a longer time, use a lightweight texturising spray or pomade to add volume and definition, keeping the curls in place without weighing them down or leaving them crunchy and crispy. Aveda Air Control Hair Spray works great as it is a water-free formula that sprays on dry.