A Solution To Any Skin Issues

This trio of skin-loving treats from EUBOS will soothe and nurture.
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For most people, dry skin is associated with sensitive skin and its accompanying rashes, dry patches, or blotchiness. If it’s not hereditary, or caused by an allergy or a disease, you may be changing up your skincare products too often or using those that contain irritating ingredients.

Labour of love

Another factor causing dry skin is long, hot showers – whereby the natural oils in your skin, which act as a protective barrier, are stripped away. Moreover, frequently using too much soap and multipurpose detergents will also compromise the barrier and leave your skin vulnerable. This may explain why mums who do most of the house work tend to have dry skin.

Show that you care

We’ve got a great gift recommendation for your mum this Mother’s Day – show her your love and appreciation by taking care of her skin.

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