4 Local Celebs’ Facials You Should Try

Now you can experience the facial treatments of the stars!
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You’ve always wondered how some local celebrities have great skin all day every day.With the right skincare routine and consistent facials, many celebrities manage to keep their skin in the best condition. But, can you have skin as healthy and fresh too? We’ve done a little research and found five facials a few of our local celebs love. Now you too can make an appointment and try these treatments out for yourself. Remember – results may vary depending on your skin condition.

Patricia Knudsen

Image credit – PHI Clinic Malaysia

Located at Damansara Heights, PHI Clinic Premier Medical & Dental Aesthetics Malaysia is famous for its leading aesthetic and anti-aging solutions, body treatments and hand and nail therapies.  Patricia Knudsen surely looks rejuvenated after she experienced the Non-invasive Clear and Brilliant Laser Treatment at PHI Clinic. This 60-minute treatment is clinically proven to soften fine lines, reduce pore size and smoothen the texture of your skin. Psst, apparently it activates your collagen too. “The main thing is I feel confident and better every time I walk out of there,” said Patricia. PHI Clinic is also known for its long list of celebrity clienteles. PHI Clinic Malaysia website: phiclinicmalaysia.com | Instagram: @phiclinicmalaysia

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