Rules are made to be broken, and it's perfectly fine to break these fashion rules

Given that it’s already 2018 and not 1818, the idea that some fashion rules still stick is a little stuffy and outdated. Yes, some of them still apply because otherwise you’d look foolish. But, as with the ever-changing nature of fashion, fashion dos and don’ts have and should evolve to reflect the modern times and trends. So here are the 10 fashion rules you can ignore that we’ve picked out, which we believe are no longer relevant or necessary in 2018.

1. It’s not a good idea to stand out

There’s a myth that we believe should end by now. Given that fashion is and should an extension of your personality, if you’re a lover of bright colours and bold patterns, then by all means wear what you feel best that describes your style. After all,  in a sea of black and navy colours, a gorgeous burst of colour is a welcome respite.

2. You can’t wear animal prints to the office

Conservatives will tell you that animal prints are too loud and too risky for the office, but ultimately, it boils down to how you pair it. The right animal print when paired with suitable pieces and accessories can give you a great outfit.

3. You need to wear heels to look powerful

You really don’t need to, actually. If you want to, by all means, wear them. But wearing cool sneakers or a dainty pair of ballet flats doesn’t make you any less powerful or serious than someone else in heels.

4. You have to take all your pants to the tailor’s

If your pants are too long, let them hang for a bit! Thanks to the runway trends that we’ve seen in recent times, we’ve noticed that designers have now gone back on the cropped trousers trend in favour for a more lengthy and languid look.

Of course, it shouldn’t pool  too much, so work with your tailor to see what’s the best length and look for you.

5. There’s no place for jeans at work

To this, we say wear all the denim you want. In the past, denim has always been seen as too casual and plain for the office. But now, not only is it experiencing a revival in terms of new interpretations and designs, it’s also being made cool to wear to the office. Dress it up with a blazer and a smart bag to avoid sneers from your office admin ladies.


6. You need to invest in a classic bag

This point is perhaps a little more controversial, because while we often espouse the perks of shelling out more money for a bag that will see you through various occasions, we believe that it’s okay to buy a bag that’s more frivolous every once in a while.

7. Knits aren’t appropriate for the office

This rule might apply if you were wearing onesie, but we see no sin in throwing on a cool sweater with a business skirt for the office. Ultimately, it’s a comfortable top to wear, and you won’t have to fuss too much with worrying about your top creasing.

8. Sweatpants aren’t pants

In this day and age, when atheleisure is booming and giving women more comfort for their buck, it’s only natural that see an increase in popularity. We’re seeing plenty of new updates to the sporty sweatpants-with everything from satin sweats to sweatpants with cool motifs and patterns-that make them suitable for the office. Leggings, however are still not pants in our books (sorry).

9. You need to have an outfit for the occasion

Sometimes, we just want to have fun with fashion, and that’s okay. So if this means carrying a weekend bag to the office, or wearing a business jacket with denim shorts for the weekend, that’s perfectly up to you.

10. You have to be young to embrace trends

Repeat after us; trends know no age limit. It’s not just the twenty-somethings who should be enjoying fashion, but we like to believe that this day and age, fashion is democratic enough to allow all women of all ages to have relationship with trendy styles and items.