Which Herbs And Spices Should You Use?

Achieving a certain taste and aroma is easiest when you know your spices!
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Which herbs and spices do you reach for when you’re making pizza, cooking hearty soups, or making your very own marinade for bbqs?

It can be overwhelming to stand before a rack of condiments and not know the right ones to get. So, let’s take a look at how to use herbs and spices in various dishes!

Bay leaves

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When these leaves are dried, their herbal and floral note — a little bit woodsy — is great for making flavoured soups, tomato-based sauces for pasta, stews, and beans for Brazilian cuisine. Also, bay leaves are typically removed from the dish and not eaten.

Black Pepper

A staple table seasoning for any dish but especially to add flavour to soups, pastas, and brunch fare (but you can use it to season literally anything)! It’s said that black pepper helps with the prevention of cancer, and it’s best eaten when freshly ground — not cooked.

black pepper

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Cardamom is a spice made up of the seeds of various plants. It’s also one of the most expensive spices available. Black cardamom goes well with curries and briyani. On the other hand, green cardamom is great for adding a little spice into sweet dishes and to flavour teas, coffees and baked goods.

Black and green cardamom seed pods. Pic credit: The Spruce Eats

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