Unique CNY Cookies To Bring Home

Trying something different this year and you might just find a new favourite.

Food brings people together and that’s why snacks are a must-have to serve to guests, and yourself, during Chinese New Year. But do you ever feel tired of the same CNY cookies every year?

The fortune cookie – not really a traditional Chinese cookie. Read on for better ideas on unique cookies to serve your guests this Chinese New Year. Photo by Miguel A. Paridnan/Pexels.com.

Try something different for a change. Here are five unique treats that you can try and surprise yourself and your guests this Chinese New Year.

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1. Foo Foo Fine Dessert’s Parmesan Basil (RM27)

Located in Kuala Lumpur is a pastry store that sells mouth-watering desserts, and that includes CNY cookies. Whilde they do sell traditional cookies such as Pineapple Tarts, Almond Pumpkin Seed and Viennese Sable (all under RM30), do try this East-West fusion biscuit with Parmesan and basil for a more healthful snack.

Get them here: Foo Foo Fine Desserts

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