These Aren’t Your Regular Pizza Crusts

Think sweet potatoes, mushrooms and egg plants - intrigued yet?

Although there’s no stopping us from diving head first into the box of Domino’s pizza with the perfectly hand-tossed crust; a change every now and then isn’t always a bad thing. Like these delicious substitutes that is also healthier for you.

But you already know that. So the real question now is, which will you try first?

Eggplant pizza

Image credit: Eat Good 4 Life

These mini eggplant pizzas are the solution to getting your children (or yourself) to up your vegetable intake. This pizza takes no time at all to make, especially if you are using a store-bought tomato sauce. Delicious and easy, what’s not to like? Click here for recipe.

Sweet potato pizza

Image credit: Pinch of Yum

Sweet potatoes on its own are absolutely delicious, but sweet potatoes as a pizza base? Mind blowing! Who would ever think that sweet potatoes could be turned into a crust? All you need is a couple ingredients and a food processor and you are on your way to sweet potato heaven. Click here for the recipe.

3. Portobello mushroom caps

Image credit: Minimalist Baker

It’s a similar concept to replacing the patty in your burger with Portobello mushrooms, only this time, it acts as your pizza crust. Whenever you feel like having pizza but don’t have the will to go through the process of making the dough, try this! Click here for the recipe.