These Are Not Your Typical Christmas Desserts!

In with the new, out with the old, these desserts will give your Christmas dinner a new lease of life.


Nothing says “celebration” more than a sumptuous food spread on the dinner table. And of course, what is a feast without dessert to end the night with?

From pies to tarts and turnovers, there’s plenty that will thrill you to start shopping for ingredients pronto! Enjoy scrolling through The Weekly‘s collection of sweet treats and have fun trying out the recipes!


Polka-dot Cherry Pie

A classic favourite with both the young and old – this eye-candy dessert makes for a perfect treat to ring in the festive season with guests.

Malt Banana & Caramel Bread

Got a case of bananas that are nearly overripe? Make full use of them with this banana bread recipe!

Raspberry & White Chocolate Turnovers

Tangy, crispy and sweet, these turnovers are bound to be your new favourite.

Hazelnut Tart

What could be better than chocolate? Why chocolate tart, of course! Imagine digging into a slice of tart that has a crispy shell on the outside and smooth, creamy chocolate ganache on the inside. We see you drooling already.

Coconut & Lemon Marshmallows

Upgrade your standard campfire smores with these modern take on marshmallows. We reckon you and your girlfriends will love having them for tea!