M&S Wants You To Eat Well With Anis Nabilah

Chef Anis shows her creativity using Marks & Spencer Eat Well products

In today’s fast-paced world, many of us lead a busy lifestyle. Unfortunately, that could mean giving up on certain things (like sleep). It could also mean not having enough time to prepare a well-balanced and nutritious lunch or dinner for the family. To help address this particular problem, British retailer Marks & Spencer now offer their “Eat Well” range.

A selection of products from the Marks & Spencer Eat Well range.

The Marks & Spencer Eat Well range is a line of food products that range from canned food to pasta to breakfast bars and even chips. However, what’s amazing about this range is that each have been manufactured to follow guidelines from the UK Eatwell Guide. These are a set of dietary recommendations set by the UK government to promote healthy eating and achieving a balanced diet.

To help promote healthy eating in Malaysia, Marks & Spencer have engaged celebrity chef Anis Nabilah as the Marks & Spencer Eat Well ambassador. We had a chat with Anis to find out more about the Marks & Spencer Eat Well range.

Chef Anis Nabilah worked with Marks & Spencer on their Eat Well campaign.

Anis Nabilah Talks About The Marks & Spencer Eat Well Range

As the spokesperson for the Marks & Spencer Eat Well campaign, chef Anis Nabilah shares with us what she loves about the range.

Her Inspirasi: What is the Marks & Spencer Eat Well campaign about?

Anis Nabilah: It’s a collection of Marks & Spencer products where all the products don’t have added colouring or flavouring, follow the principles of the UK Eatwell guidelines to ensure everyone gets the proper nutrients for a healthy diet. The line ranges from raw ingredients to ready made food.

HI: So how are you working with M&S on this campaign?

Anis: They wanted me to come up with recipes using the eat well range. I came up with two recipes for dishes that are actually easy to make but will impress your guests. The spiced braised chicken uses spices and soups from the range, and I added coconut milk. I was going for something curry-ish, the idea is to make it wholesome, flavourful and healthy at the same time. So, for the recipe, I combined carrot and coriander soup with butternut, parsnip and tumeric soup from the Eat Well range, along with their Tomato Passata. I served it with saffron rice, but it also goes well with bread or quinoa. Even the saffron rice was garnished with the Tumeric Crunch from Marks and Spencer.

Spiced braised Chicken with Saffron Rice by chef Anis Nabilah.

The second recipe was for two kinds of wraps. I’m a big fan of wraps because their easy to make and easy to eat. To flavour the meat, I used grain dressings as marinade.

Find Anis Nabilah’s recipe for mango chilli chicken wraps here.

HI: What do you think about the Marks & Spencer Eat Well range?

Anis: I think it’s quite special because most of the products are seasonal – they only use produce that are in season. For example, the tuna is produced in a sustainable way. I think right now where we’re at it’s important to know where your food comes from. So with the Marks & Spencer Eat Well range, it’s great that you can read all the nutritional information on their labels.

The Marks & Spencer Eat Well range consists of various food products from raw ingredients to canned food and even snacks.

HI: And you used their products quite creatively. Who would have thought about combining two different kinds of soups, or using dressing as marinade?

Anis: I’ve got to thank my heritage for that. Being Malaysian, we require food that are strong-flavoured. Because I grew up with that, it makes it so much easier to create something because you know what makes a good dish. I had to pick out things that might work and I tried everything, tasted everything. I tried cooking with this, or with that, or something that I think Malaysians might like. And, alhamdulillah, it worked.

Find more of Anis’s recipes on the Marks & Spencer Malaysia Facebook page. The Eat Well range is available at all M&S Foodhall. Just look for the Yellow Sunflower symbol that denotes products from the Eat Well range for food products that are nutritious and contribute to a well-balanced diet.