Barbie Takes The Cake!

Make these Barbie cakes with cake mix and easy-to-follow instructions.

To celebrate Barbie’s 60th birthday last month, The Weekly created three fabulous cakes from a packet mix with simple yet stunning decorations – perfect for a favourite little (or big) girl’s birthday.

how to barbie cake

Happy 60th birthday, Barbie!

Here we share the step-by-step to making these Barbie cakes that are sure to impress!

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Buy the birthday girl’s favourite Barbie, then match the colour of the cakes and decorations to the doll’s clothing. We found the doll and the cake easier to manage if the legs were removed. Wash the doll thoroughly after the cake is cut and reposition her legs.


A Dolly Varden cake pan is a conical-shaped aluminum pan, the same shape as the skirt of the gown. A pan can be ordered from You can also use a pudding streamer or stainless steel mixing bowl although the shape won’t be not only quite so elegant. “Dolly Varden” not only refers to a character in the novel Barnaby Rudge by Charles Dickens, but also a flower-festooned dress style, popular in the 19th century, modeled on the fictional Dolly.


We used silver paper-covered cake boards available from craft stores and cake boards available from craft stores and cake decorating suppliers. If you decide to cover a board, ensure you use a foil or grease-repelling paper or fabric. You could also ice the cake directly onto a flat cake plate or cake stand.


Ensure that all the decorations, colourings and glitter are edible and, if using fresh flowers and ribbon, remove them before cutting the cake. A pair of long-handled tweezers makes it easy to apply the decorations to the cake.

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