Host An Unforgettable Reunion Dinner At Sheraton PJ

Turn relatives’ attention from your life to good food with Sheraton's CNY spread.

Brace yourself! Just a little over a week and your yi mah gu jie (Chinese translation for aunties) are coming. I repeat, your yi mah gu jie are cominggg! Although by now you should have been familiar with their relentless interrogations but let’s be honest here, you still get all the jitters!

“When are you getting married?” “When are you having yet another baby?” “How much are you making at work?”

Dear aunties, I love you, but enough questions about me. Just focus on the food, mmkay? Photo from Foodies Feed/

How about skipping all that by turning their attention to some good food? Impress them with a sumptuous meal for the family’s reunion dinner at Sheraton Petaling Jaya this Chinese New Year. There are three different dining options to choose from, so there’s surely something to suit your beloved aunties’ nitpicking level.

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Splendour of China Reunion Dinner at Sheraton’s Grand Ballroom

The reunion dinner is a big thing in Chinese culture because it is the only time when all family members get together to celebrate. You wouldn’t want to go somewhere shabby or risk being seen as stingy.

Instead, gain their approval by reserving a table for RM1,988 at Sheraton’s Splendour of China Reunion Dinner. Ideally, your relatives are not allergic to high quality ingredients or they’ll miss out on the variety of heavenly dishes including Traditional Norwegian Salmon and Jelly Fish Yee Sang, Slow-Stewed Abalone with Dried Oysters and Black Moss, Guangzhou Crispy Roast Chicken, Steamed  Tiger Garoupa and family favourites Deep Fried Butter Prawns with Chicken Floss.

Meanwhile, a full line-up of performances, which include a Lion Dance, LED drums, Chinese acrobatic performance, the mystical Thousand Hands dance, and performances of traditional songs, will be going on throughout the whole meal. So that’s dinner and entertainment, all in one price!


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