Her World Eats Out : 5 Elements at Lafite, Shangri-La

Enjoy delectable dishes created to suit your element.
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Have you ever tried eating according to your element? Basically, there are five key elements in the universe: fire, water, wood, earth, and metal. These elements are also said to define your personality and character. So, when we heard Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur’s Executive Chef Olivier Pistre had created a uniquely interactive dining experience at Lafite based on the five elements, Editor Eena just had to give it a taste test!

The Beginning…

As I walked into Lafite, I was greeted by their friendly staff who escorted me to a mini iPad where I could check my personal element. I just had to key in my birth date and year. My element was revealed: Wood. On the left of the entrance was a display of the five elements and an explanation of each’s characteristics. Once I read through what the display said (yes, it really did describe my personality), I was then ushered to the bar, where the bar attendant made me a mocktail based on the wood element.

Your Personal Selection

As I was sipping on my mocktail, I was shown the menu for the wood element. However, I was told that if I wasn’t too keen on the pre-selected dishes, I could swap them with dishes from other elements. Basically, I could mix and match! But eager to keep to the experience, I opted to stick with everything except the dessert.

So, for appetiser, it was Escargot Cromesquis &  Thai Salad & Spicy Shrimp. For my main dish I had two options, Black Truffle Stuffed with Corn Fed Chicken or Atlantic Sea Bream, and I chose to have the sea bream. For dessert, it was Artisanal Cheese from France but as I wasn’t too keen to have cheese, I opted for the Candied Lemon dessert under the water element.

Escargot Cromesquis / Thai Salad & Spicy Shrimp

The best part: Not really a fan of escargot, I was worried I wouldn’t enjoy the dish, but I was definitely wrong. The escargot, nicely tucked in a crunchy crumb coated croquette with a cream filling, had a delightfully crunchy texture and perfectly balanced cream filling. I forget there was escargot in there! But what truly won me over was the spicy shrimp ‘bubbles’. Once you pop a ‘bubble’ into your mouth, a delicious spicy soup filling bursts and colours your taste buds with its powerful flavours. Yum!

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