Find Out Where Chefs Eat

Yes, they do eat out.

Aren’t we all curious where chefs eat outside of their own kitchen? Wonder no more, as we’ve found out about the secret hideouts where they dine!

Noteworthy restaurants frequented by a chef

Chef Sylvain Dubreau, who has worked in a few Michelin-star restaurant in Paris, has practised his trade in Seoul, and Dubai. And, he’s even opened his very own restaurant in Japan. Most recently, he’s joined Le Cordon Bleu as an instructor, teaching his passion to young and upcoming chefs!

3 Michelin-star La Tour d’Argent, where Chef Sylvain Dubreau worked at during his 14 years in Paris before moving around the world. Pic credit:

He listed a few restaurants that he particularly loves to go to, when he’s not eating his own cooking:

  1. DC Restaurant by Darren Chin
  2. Dewakan
  4. Traditional Malay food like nasi lemak, which is available anywhere
  5. A good Chinese/Nyonya food place close to where he teaches

In East Malaysia

Born and raised in Normandy, France, Chef Stephane Alexandre had a knack for patisserie. After receiving his professional certificate and working in several pastry shops, he decided to relocate to Malaysia and has been here for the past 25 years.

patisserie, chef

GIF credit: Notey

While the restaurants mentioned above are all in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, Chef Stephane noted how there is only one place that has captured his heart. “In Sabah, Sandakan, there’s a seafood restaurant on the shore, where fisherman will deliver live seafood to the owner of the restaurant and then to your table. Best seafood I’ve ever had was at Sim Sim 88 Seafood Restaurant — very traditional and cheap! I don’t eat much seafood here as its not as fresh as the ones in Sabah.”

Sim Sim 88 Seafood Restaurant is located in the Sim Sim Water Village, on the 8th bridge! Pic credit: