Discover The Taste Of Jeju at Jasons Food Hall

Try the fruits, vegetables and food that you've only seen in K-dramas.

Think Jeju and one of the very first things that’ll pop into mind are the fruits! More specifically, Jeju is known for juicy tangerines, kiwis, grapes, and fresh vegetables. The red kiwi has a thinner skin, so you can eat the whole fruit. And the Shine Muscat —  a crispy, fragrant seedless green grape — is so sweet, you can’t stop at one!

You can get these fruits and more at a special showcase at Jasons Food Hall, Bangsar Shopping Centre, till this Thursday, 15th November. If you do miss it, don’t worry, as some seasonal produce will be available on the shelves of Jasons Food Hall. You’ll also find groceries and face masks specially brought in from Jeju on shelves. Maybe you’d like to try your hand at making homemade kimchi?

Fruits from Jeju

Sweet persimmons

Red kiwi


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