Turn Your Turmeric Into A Latte

Find out what the buzz is all about with this new liquid gold drink!
Picture credit: Broke Foodies

Picture credit: Broke Foodies

Ever wondered what makes Turmeric Latte the new ‘golden drink’? We did a bit of digging to find out what it is that makes this new drink so deliciously good for you.

1. Works wonders for the skin

Its antiseptic and antibacterial properties helps fight acne and breakouts giving you that luminous glow.

2. It’s food for the brain

It contains curcumin which is known to have a number of medicinal properties. This includes increasing overall memory function, keeping your brain healthy and promotes repair to stem cells.

3. Relieves muscle pain

On top of that, curcumin also has anti-inflammatory properties that aids in relieving muscle and joint pains.

4. Helps fight against cancer

Based on a study, turmeric was found to have the ability to kill cancer cells, inhibit its growth and boost immune system. It’s been said that it works by interfering with the cellular signalling of the disease.

5. Fights infection

Its anti-bacterial qualities can help prevent stomach ulcers and reduce gut infection. Those with irritable bowel syndrome can take this as a way to relive stomach pain.

UPDATE (19/05/2018): Food & Lifestyle writer Sa’idah decided to try out the Turmeric Latte for herself to see what the hype’s all about and came to a conclusion that she prefers her turmeric in either cold-pressed juices or savoury Asian dishes. The taste of the turmeric and ginger was quite strong for her taste buds however, she suggests that if you do wish to try it out, start with as little turmeric as possible. Work your way from there to have it tailored to your preference. You could even use regular milk instead of almond.

Click here for the recipe.